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How this experiment started...

Hi, my name is Philippe. I am a French Dad and I love bread. Since I moved to the Netherlands with my family I have been looking for the perfect baguette, everywhere. Unfortunately, it's been really hard to find the kind of bread I'm used to in France, so in the end I decided to pursue this quest on my own. I soon became very fascinated by the process involved in bread making and quickly fell in love with the science behind the art. This year, we welcomed Pietro, an Italian exchange student, in our family. Pietro is 17, sitting just between our son Leon, 18, and our daughter Sofie, 16. We've been sharing our respective love of cooking and have learned new recipes from each other, to the joy of the rest of the family.


On a quest for the perfect home-made bread...

I know... I am very picky. That's me and that's this blog. I wish more people were as picky as me though, since the "unpickyness" of all the bread recipes I would find online when learning would leave me very disappointed. Through the years I developed a certain confidence on what I am doing, how and why, and I thought sharing my experience could be very helpful for anyone trying to succeed in making good bread at home. You will find in the menu of the website also a section dedicated to wine and yogurt, that's because in recent times I have been experimenting on making these too.


And now, let's make some bubbles!

My dream for this blog would be to give life to an online community where people feel free to share and exchange with one another tips and tricks, suggestions and resources that could help everyone grow in their own kitchen experiments. See you in the comment section!

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